The Spanish Lagoon-Gold Mills & Nature Heritage E-bike Experience

Looking for a quick Meet and Greet with the One Happy Island?

We are offering a special tour where you will experience Aruba differently on an electric bike. We will make a stop at the lush “Bubali Bird Sanctuary” protected area where you will enjoy some beautiful scenic views, we will/can also ride in the hotel strip area.

We will ride along the bike trail on the Coastal Areas of Eagle Beach, Druif Beach, Bushiri Beach & Surfside Beach. We will ride towards the protected area of Spanish Lagoon, part of Arikok National Park, where you will enjoy more beautiful scenic views.

We will make a stunning stop over the water, where you can take a look at all the bridges which connect our two island halves, “Pabow di Brug” i “Pariba di Brug”. Afterwards, our ride takes you towards the historic Balashi Gold Mill Ruins, the lush Frechman’s Pass, Donkey Sanctuary, Jamanota, Maria Maai, Picaron area, we will also grab some traditional Aruban snacks and refreshments in the heart of Santa Cruz.

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Reminders for your STEZO ride
Reminders for your STEZO ride

“Stezo E-Bike Tours and Rentals kiosk next to the iconic red Dutch Windmill Landmark, nestled right in front of the lush green breathtaking Bubali Bird Sanctuary ”


Cruise Ship Passengers Information

Cruise Ship Passengers must provide the following info: ship name, docking time, disembarkation time and re-boarding time. So we can coordinate your pick-up & drop off. If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact our team and let us know!
*Please note extra charges may apply for the pick up and drop off.

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