The road to San Nicolas Culture Heritage E-Bike Experience

Experience the dynamic views of Aruba

Experience the dynamic views of Aruba by electric bike with STEZO Tours as we venture “PARIBA” and cross the bridge from Oranjestad and journey towards Aruba’s art district, San Nicolas. Our “San Nicolas Culture Heritage E-Bike Experience” is a 4-hour tour where we get to enjoy everything from the bustling urban areas, to rural routes full of lush mangroves and greenery, to coastal rides where we cruise by the Caribbean Sea.

Once we arrive in San Nicolas, we’ll hit the brakes for 1 hour so that you can explore the One Happy Island’s artsy city at your leisure. There’s plenty to sip & see in Sunrise City (what locals like to call San Nicolas), so you can enjoy your break from pedaling to the max!

During this adventure across the bridge your local STEZO tour guide will inform you on all things Aruban culture and heritage as we make our way through Sero Tijshi (aka the STEZO founder’s favorite rural biking trail), Spanish Lagoon (which is a part of Aruba’s Arikok National Park), Mangel Halto, Santo Largo, Savaneta, and Zeewijk areas. Spoiler alert: you’ll be getting insights on “LAGO”, which was one of the globe’s biggest and most influential refineries during World War II.

Eco-friendly Fun Facts: Aruba’s Spanish Lagoon is officially shielded by the Directorate of Nature & Environment under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands as a protected wetland. Additionally, as of 2018, Fundacion Parke Nacional Arikok (the official foundation responsible for the management of Arikok National Park) legally identified the Spanish Lagoon, Mangel Halto and Santo Largo areas as being Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and thus officially protected by law.

STEZO’s San Nicolas Spotlights to consider checking out include: Artisa Art Gallery, street art murals, and the Museum of Industry. All STEZO Tours include E-bike and helmet, and can be guided in the following languages:
Papiamento, English, Spanish & Dutch.


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“Stezo E-Bike Tours and Rentals kiosk next to the iconic red Dutch Windmill Landmark, nestled right in front of the lush green breathtaking Bubali Bird Sanctuary ”


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